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By Acornsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer News #097


This maze-chase stars Mork, whose task it is to find seven crystals deposited about the labyrinth of the title. Mork's a well-animated little character, and well need he be to keep clear of the many creatures of the labyrinth.

You can always try to dispatch the creatures rather than dodge them, of course, and Mork is armed with a laser that fires in the direction of movement, and an even more devastating weapon; a creature-crushing boulder. This is a handy thing to have, though it's cumbersome to move about.

Each room of the labyrinth takes up one screen, with maybe a dozen or so rooms interconnected to make up the first level. One of the exits is barred by a portal, only opened when you've collected the magic crystal. At first you can bob about without worrying too much about maps, but as soon as you're through the first portal you need to try to keep a track of your progress otherwise you find yourself returning to the first level face to face with some of the creatures you thought you'd left behind.

To give you strength to keep all this up you need to eat the fruit that's lying around the labyrinth. Unfortunately, you also look tasty to the nasty inmates, of which there are nine varieties, all acting in different ways. Some can only be bashed by the boulder, others are seen off with one shot, some with two shots, while one or two seem to be indestructible. One problem is that the beings on screen bear little resemblance to their mug-shots in the instructions, but at least you can pause the game to check, as well as switch the sound on and off; control is via keyboard or joystick.

Labyrinth is a simple but enjoyable game: nothing stunningly original, but well-done with nice sound and graphics.

Mike Gerrard

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