Personal Computer News

Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry

Author: Simon Williams
Publisher: Amsoft
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Personal Computer News #104


This may have nothing more dangerous than a steam iron, but it's a rather unusual one. In cahoots with a laundry bag and a string of soap bubbles, it sets out to make life miserable for Mr. Wong, who is trying to earn a honest yen.

Everything takes place in a four-storey laundry, with a number of items of rather angular clothing dotted about the place. The idea is to pick up each piece and take it to the top left of the screen, where it can be dropped down a laundry 'schute' (sic). You must avoid the advancing washday memorabilia, which take one of your three lives when touched.

Spraying the nasties with starch stops them for a time, but you must be very accurate, and you have only five shots. If you use them all, you can pick up a new box, when it appears at some inaccessible corner of the building.

Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry

The graphics are well drawn, although Mr. Wong does an Egyptian shuffle rather than a walk, and a special mention must be made for the washing machine with its rotating load.

But someone is having trouble with their sprites. The items of clothing jerk along behind Mr. Wong in a peculiar way, and the baddies frequently ignore a shower of starch in their path. Add to this an odd choice of colour keys (four cursor arrows and copy).

The music is good and suitably oriental and you can turn the volume down.

The harder levels have more implements chasing you but attention wanders after a few washing cycles.

Simon Williams

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