Personal Computer News

The Survivor

Author: Simon Williams
Publisher: Anirog
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Personal Computer News #102


The opening credits of The Survivor which boasts more than 1,000 screens, are nicely put together, describing the various objects you will find in the game, both animate and inanimate. The hero marches across with an opening banner before you start each foray into the underworld.

The plot has you searching through a maze of similar-looking rooms, trying to collect treasure and avoid dragons, daleks and the like. As an aid, you can pick up bottle of something quite potent. These renew your strength and incinerate your opponents if they come too close.

There are also guns distributed randomly about the place. Picking these up will enable you to shoot monsters as well.

The Survivor

The game involves balancing your energy and number of bullets so that you can explore and plunder for as long as possible. The occasional signpost offers directions.

There's quite a lot going on, but overall it seems a bit haphazard. The monsters materialise anywhere on the screen and move about randomly. Often you are caught in a room with all the exits blocked and are almost certain to lose a lot of energy or bullets.

A map would certainly help, and I guess part of the fun is supposed to be drawing one up. If the scenery was a bit more inspiring or the game was a bit more predictable, then this might be the case. Well animated, but notta lotta plot.

Simon Williams

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