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By Virgin Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Personal Computer News #104


The addictive Sorcery deserves the 'arcade adventure' tag more than most. Both in its original guise for the Commodore 64 and now in its enhanced form for the Amstrad CPC464, it is much closer to the type of problem that Crowther and Woods set in their Colossal Cave. Although a number of characters are still out to get you, they are more in the style of an annoying dwarf than a Pac-Man ghost.

As the last remaining Great Sorcerer, it is your duty to release your eight buddies who are held by the evil Necromancer. As a Sorcerer, you can flit about the screens and reach any of the arched wooden doors that appear on each. That doesn't necessarily mean you can pass through them, of course. Some need keys or magic to open them, which they do with a very satisfying creak, and then you can move to another screen.

All the screens are drawn commendably fast, and anything that moves does so very smoothly. Each creature is animated and they certainly are a motley bunch.


When you come into contact with any monsters your energy is sapped. It starts at 99 per cent. Fortunately, sticking your feet in one of the two or three cauldrons about the place rejuvenates you.

Once you've found a sorcerer and released him, he flies away as a whirling dervish to take his rightful place on a pedestal in Sanctuary.

With its appropriate music, good concept and outstanding graphics I found the game nearly as addictive as my first foray beyond the Crystal Bridge.

Simon Williams

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