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By The Hit Squad
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #7


The Bactrian camel is just one of the millions of species that you won't find in Cabal, one of the most single-minded examples of that most single-minded of genres, the Operation Wolf-style shoot-'em-up. A conversion of the Tad Corporation coin-op, the only major difference between this and other games of the type is that, in Cabal, your character actually appears on screen, so you have some control over bullet-dodging.

Otherwise it's the usual affair with only two types of thing on screen - bad guys and you. This, though, is one of the very best clones around, with crisp, clear graphics, hundreds of enemies to massacre; stages which are just the right length to maintain the fast pace of the action, and a fab little between-level sequence, where your man does a silly little dance of joy accompanied by a bouncy jingle which is so out-of-place it's actually quite charming.

The one downer is the hopeless control method for throwing grenades, but if that was the worst game flaw I ever had to copy with then I'd be a happy reviewer indeed. If you're after a shoot-'em-up at budget price, this is certainly one to think about.

The Bottom Line

Frantic and really pretty groovy slaughter-'em-up that's a touch more involved than most games of the sort.

Stuart Campbell

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