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Footballer Of The Year 2
Amiga 500/600

Published in Amiga Power #4

Footballer Of The Year 2

This game provides a different slant on an old favourite, the football management sim. Instead of being the manager, you take the player's perspective, trying to make a name for yourself as the country's top goal-scorer by means of a strange combination of arcade sequences, tactical planning, and gambling money on your ability to answer football trivia questions (?).

It's an interesting concept, and initially makes for a pretty engrossing game, but repetitiveness soon rears its ugly head, and you notice that it's possible to simply keep gambling on trivia (the same questions - many of which are out of date now - repeat fairly frequently) until you've got enought dosh to buy a measure of success.

There are also a couple of annoying illogicalities (at one point you're told that to win an international cap you must score twice in that week's match - but you don't have a match that week), but this is still reasonable entertainment. You can do much better for the money, though.

The Bottom Line

Different and reasonably good fun, but don't expect to come back to it much after the first few goes.

Stuart Campbell

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