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Stack Up
By Zeppelin Games
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #5

Stack Up

Since Amiga fans are still waiting for a definitive Tetris conversion, this distinctly similar puzzle game may provide a worthwhile alternative.

Actually, it's not so much Tetris as a variant of the Sega game Columns, where sets of three coloured blocks fall from the top of the screen and by changing the order of the colours in the line, you can form rows of same-coloured blocks. These then disappear, allowing the blocks above them to collapse Klax-style, opening up possibilities for multiple lines and big bonus scores.

The major difference is that, in Stack Up, the blocks fall in rows rather than columns, but in most other respects this is much the same game. You can vary the speed and difficulty, there's a practice mode to let you get the hang of the concept before you throw yourself into it properly, and there's even an option to switch between four completely different (and rather appealing) sets of graphics.

The game is slickly presented and addictive (although the 'continue' seems a little out of place), with well-graded difficulty throughout and an absolutely gorgeous oriental tune accompanying the action. If you didn't like Tetris there's no point in you even thinking about it, but if you did there's no reason why you shouldn't love this little game to death - it does exactly what it sets out to do perfectly, and there are precious few games you can really say that about.

The Bottom Line

A lovely little puzzle game that's probably the closest thing to a true Tetris sequel we've seen yet.

Stuart Campbell

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