Home Computing Weekly


Author: K.I.
Publisher: Activision
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

This game should come with government health warning - it destructs your joysticks, makes you unpopular with the rest the family at peak TV viewing times and eventually drives you insane.

On screen there is a grid of elements: pipes, bends and joins. You may move along these elements and rotate them about their central points. Eventually you should be able to join them all together so that they are connected to the central element in the grid. Now Zenji occurs - your aim in the game.

If it sounds easy then believe me - it isn't. When you turn one element you may in some cases disconnect half of the elements from the central one.

To make the game harder there are creatures which around the elements and sometimes fire at you. Touching either of these will cause you to lose your life.

The graphics are simple but very effective. A point to note is that every time you turn an element the whole screen has to be updated. This is done very fast and there is no noticeable loss in speed.


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