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Strontium Dog And The Death Gauntlet
By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

This is yet another of those cassettes with bright green labels and leader tape which we associated with Quicksilva. I must admit to liking their cassette packaging although it is wasted on a game like this one.

The object of the game is to guide your man through a long planet surface, avoiding the various beasts, rocks, etc. You have a facility to fire at anything which gets in your way - this helps play quite a lot.

The screen layout tries to give a 3D type of effect. This is fine except that each object moves as if it is flat and ruins the idea of adding depth. A radar at the bottom of the display shows the are you are currently in.

This is obviously meant for children and not advanced joystick-destroying games freaks. The one thing which I find slightly disturbing here is that the cassette has two extremely sharp prongs sticking out of it which can easily cut any unaware fingers.