Amstrad Action

The Secret Of St. Brides

Author: The Pilgrim
Publisher: Audiogenic
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #7

The Secret Of St. Brides

This game has a rather strange background which will either excite you, intrigue you, or simply mystify you.

There is, apparently, a place in Ireland called St Bride's School For Girls which - and I kid you not - is run like a real school, but exists for the entertainment of adults. In other words, wicked women go there for holidays in an attempt to relive their misspent youth. It all sounds too outrageous for words, and I'm wondering whether I should shave my beard and don a dress in the hope of penetrating this den of iniquity to bring you all the low-down.

Anyway, all this is beside the point, because Priscilla Langridge and her companions at the aforesaid 'school' have decided to enter the adventure game market, and their first product is a Quilled game called The Secret Of St Bride's. It has you as a jolly-hockey-stick wielding young lady who has gone to St Bride's for a holiday, only to discover that all is not as meets the eye.

For example, *you* know it's 1985, but the other young ladies seem to be convinced it's about 50 years earlier; in fact, these young ladies are playing the St Bride's game in deadly earnest. Can you escape to the sanity of the present day and avoid the clutches of the headmistress who - horrors! - practises hypnotism and is very definitely on the side of the enemy.

This game has all the faults and virtues of a "Quilled" release. It's slow, lacking in vocabulary, occasionally very difficult to solve without a hint or two, but also totally original, often amusing, and definitely a game for anyone who fancies a lark or two. Grab your hockey stick and join in the fun...

The Pilgrim

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