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Amstrad Action

By Graham Perry
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #63


Imagine sitting in front of your television watching The Great Escape for the umpteenth time. Slowly you start to nod off, and before you know it you're asleep. Suddenly you're awoken by shouting "Stand-by, studio! Two minutes! Make-up, can you do something about our friend?"

A powder puff is dabbed on your forehead and people are shouting on all sides. By a quirk of fate and not to mention a devious imagination, you have become an active participant in a new production... Videoworld. You are the star of the show...

After a few minutes exploring you will find that you are on the set of a POW compound complete with perimeter fence, tunnels, German guards and, of course, a Steve McQueen look-alike!

Videoworld is the oldest, yet most professionally-produced game on offer - it was originally released way back in 1987 and Graham has decided to sell it again. The game is text-only and was written on The Quill. It comes in two parts - the first is mostly set in the POW camp, whilst the second is set on the London Underground. In both parts you must escape.

For some reason, I never reviewed Videoworld when it was first released - which is a shame, as it is actually quite good. The whole game is played as a scripted film and this effect is well implemented. Whilst exploring Videoworld you will visit Grange Hill, see the royal coronation, go to the Bank of England and meet, amongst others a Triffid, John Cole (the TV reporter) and Sooty and Sweep!

The game is humorous and well written and certainly worth buying - don't be put off by its age!

The Pilgrim

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