A&B Computing

The Living Daylights

Author: Dave Reeder
Publisher: Domark
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.12

Oh! Oh! Oh!

A bit of a disappointment here - I had quite high hopes for this game after seeing the film, and trying versions on other computers at the initial launch.

After the hammering their conversion of A View To A Kill I did hope a real lesson had been learnt.

And the plot of the computer game? Well, it follows the film's main areas of action - Gibraltar, music conservatory, Russian pipeline, etc - but does nothing with them. The sole action involves racing across a level with slightly different backdrops and shooting galleries to enjoy. Sure, the graphics are nice and large; sure, Bond can run, fire, roll and jump; but the questions rise unbidden to the brain - why? What's the point?

Now, I've a lot of time for Domark - nice people, usually nice products, lots of care, fair amount of style - but this is not really doing them or the Bond industry any good at all. Look, for example, at Impossible Mission for a game where the hero doesn't do much more than run, jump, roll and look into databases. But, where that is graphically sharp and has great sound effects, The Living Daylights is just a limp rag with some nice elements.

Come on Domark, you can and must do better than this with such a potentially massive seller. Oh, and does this mean I won't get my free Maryam d'Abo doll now? Such lovely eyes too...

Dave Reeder

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