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By Superior/Blue Ribbon

Published in A&B Computing 6.02


And so it begins - the first of nineteen old Superior hits at budget prices from Blue Ribbon (CDS). And what better choice than everybody's favourite lizard Repton?

Interestingly, all these re-releases have ads for new Superior games on the inlay card - part, no doubt, of the price CDS had to pay to get the rights. And, before you ask, these will be tape releases only.


After more years than we care to remember, I still find this original very playable. It's interesting too to try and work out just what it was about this game that served to create the amazing number of sequels from Superior - with two more still to come, let alone the conversion to Archimedes.

If you have never played this - in other words, you're an alien who's only just arrived on this planet - then the gameplay deserves some mention - you have to collect diamonds on several screens, whilst avoiding falling boulders and trying to crush reptiles which are released when eggs crack. It is very playable, still feels fresh and certainly should be in everybody's collection.

My only doubt is this - hasn't everybody got a copy already?

Final quibble. Superior claim this is the first budget release for the game - what about Beau-Jolly's 5 Star Games 1 or 10 Computer Hits 4 or even Superior's own Superior Collection 1 then? Must be a different definition of budget, I guess.

Dave Reeder

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