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By Ricochet

Published in Crash #64


Based on an ancient arcade coin-op, Tempest first appeared on the Spectrum in Issue 37, thanks to Electric Dreams.

In a future time, a series of galactic highways have been infested by hostile aliens. As 'The Zapper', your job is to tidy up the highways and make them safe for decent citizens to once more set foot into. A variety of aliens (such as Flippers, Fuseballs, Tankers, Spikes, and Pulsars) kill on contact. Of course you aren't exactly defenceless; a rapidfire gun provides protection from the meanies as they move towards you along the wireway. And for those tight situations, you have a limited supply of smart bombs.

Despite its simplistic wireframe graphics, Tempest is an immensely playable game. The coin-op version is one of my all-time favourite games, and still worth a few ten pees if you can find it. Its simple playability has certainly been preserved on the Spectrum. So if you have a couple of quid burning a hole in your pocket, buy Tempest now.

Then: 62% Now: 89%

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