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Your Sinclair

Task Force
By Players Premier
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #44

Task Force

"Mercenaries led by the evil Snide Gantree have overrun our top secret South Pacific Air Force base. In less than four hours..." Yes yes yes. In fact it's fairly easy to see how Snide and his troops managed to take control of this base, for whoever built it based its design almost entirely on that of a well known computer game - Hewson's Cybernoid. Worra coincidence! And it's no less surprising that, of all people, it is you who have been asked to undertake the usual daredevil solo mission to recapture the base (you must be a little tired of these by now, I'd've thought) Fortunately, you are a pilot of the aforementioned TASKFORCE airfighter, which just happens to be fitted with all of those lovely weapons you get in Cybernoid. Nice the way these things work out, isn't it? It's fair to say, then, that you now already know whether you're going to buy this game or not. It's not as sophisticated as the original - or indeed as original as the original - but it's a jolly little shoot-'em-up with some entertainingly wacky palm trees and a couple of weapon systems you won't find in many air force bases. Shameless, perhaps, but fun.

Marcus Berkmann

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