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Your Sinclair

By Addictive Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #35


Here, on the other hand, is one of those games that doesn't look like anything much but will probably keep your brain in gear for a good couple of weeks.

The idea is simple enough: you have to destroy a sort of mega-meanie holed up in a network of tunnels on an asteroid. Heard that one before? Well, yes, it's hardly original, but it's an interesting puzzle. To kill this blighter, you need to knock off four power units by pouring acid on them - getting the acid and finding the pods are the basis of the game. What complicates matters further are a number of security control units dotted about the place. These, if you land on them, open and shut doors around the place, change the direction of air currents, and generally change conditions throughout the maze. It all reminds me a bit of Pulsator, that splendid old Martech game, although it's perhaps not quite as fiendishly addictive. Judging by the generous packaging I'd guess this was originally planned as a full price release. It may not have cut it at eight quid, but at three it's a bargain...

Marcus Berkmann

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