By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #72


Upper class accents, flying jackets and silly goggles at the ready, because it's time to jump into the cockpit of one of the most advanced planes ever made, the Spitfire. You guessed it, you've got to fly round in one of them World War II bomber thingies and drop bombs on everyone you see.

The game is written by Durell, well known for games like Harrier Attack and the more recent Operation Hormuz. To tell you the truth (well would I do anything else?) Spitfire is the spitting image of Operation Hormuz graphically. Bit of a coincidence, I don't think.

Durell are excellent at this type of game and Spitfire is packed full of fast action and detailed graphics. As well as the usual up, down, left, right, fire controls there are extras to give the game more realism. There's a map that can be called up if you haven't the foggiest where you are going. If things get really hairy (and I don't mean you have a head-on collision with a gorilla), you can press the eject button and watch the little man bale out of the plane and crash into the nearest tree! There's also an A.G.A. key, but I haven't a clue what that does (answers on a postcard...).

Spitfire isn't the least bit original, but there is some playability in zooming about shooting lots of big ships, try it out.

Nick Roberts

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