By Titus
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #67


Yes, it's a whole new concept in computer gaming! Breakout, oops sorry no it's not that at all. Well perhaps just a tad then. The boring little bat at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with a square. There's eight-way scrolling and little icons that do various naughty things to the sqaure (sounds fun so far!).

Surprisingly, you have to knock a metal ball around the map and hope that it knocks away all the breakable blocks in the landscape. 11 it does you've completed that level. That may seem a bit easy, but the nasties come in on later levels.

Then are many nasty icons including teleporters which transport you from one side of the landscape to the other, contact blocks which build themselves into walls when you pass them and the nasty death icons which kill. The speed the ball rebounds around the play area gets quicker the longer it's allowed to bounce, till you turn into a mad person trying to catch it (doesn't take much for some people -Skip).


I wouldn't exactly say that this is an original concept. It's more like loads of other games piled into one. The graphics are not that impressive either and the colour schemes get very garish. There's some playability to be had here, though, and you can have fun trying to catch the ball as is goes spinning off in the opposite direction. If you're after a game that twists the breakout theme then Titan is for you.



'Here's a novel twist on one of our dear old friends, and a playable one too! With heaps of colour splashed around on the large scrolling maps, and not a bit of clash in sight, it makes the whole - and occasionally tricky - game all that much more fun. A few reservations about the lastability: Titan's control method and gameplay cannot really be mastered, remaining heavily a hit-and-miss situation a lot of the time.'

Nick RobertsRichard Eddy

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