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Home Computing Weekly

Space Shuttle Simulator
By Microdeal
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

As the title suggests, a flight simulator - but for a complete space flight, from launch to landing with an inflight satellite recovery mission. Each phase is scored and should you fail to attain a good window then the program will auto pilot you onto the next stage.

The flight manual gives the necessary data and is logically laid out. The displays for the various stages are in hi-res black and white and well planned. The instruments are also well positioned and easy to read. The controls are either joysticks or keyboard. I found using the keys that the controls were quite responsive and flight control was good.

Unlike most flight simulators this multi-mission format added to the enjoyment and I spent many hours crashing into the ground.

The only minor niggle is, like the other Microdeal software I've seen, it came in a smart-looking polystyrene inner but no library case. This I find annoying as eventually the box will become tatty. A fun-filled game.


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