Vu-File (Psion) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Psion
BBC Model A & B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #18

First go out and buy Vu-file before they sell out!! Then read on.

Vu-File is so versatile I can't list all the possibilities. But the main idea of the program is to provide a user-definable data base, in which you can set up a screen format of your own design and then enter in data. This can then be saved to tape, or disk.

The whole file is loaded into working memory, so it is limited in size to 16K, but some very sophisticated methods are used to pack an awful lot in there. The demonstration file supplied, Gazetteer, has 152 records and eight fields and still only uses 63% of memory!

To say the program is well documented is an understatement - it comes with the best user manual I've ever seen. Every option is covered by this booklet.


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