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Home Computing Weekly

Chargen And Demo
By Rainbow Research
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

Chargen is a character generator for Mode 2, allowing eight solid and eight flashing colours in an 8 by up to 24 pixel matrix. Demo allows you to move the generated character around the screen with the cursor control keys.

I was very impressed with Chargen. The instructions stated you should input an even number between 2 and 24, but if you input an odd number it is not trapped!

Having made up a character you quit by pressing Q. This then displays the byte string required to define the character.

It took several attempts to load Demo, which was recorded at a very low level on my tape. This made using the byte string impossible as it had scrolled off the screen!

After some further attempts at both loadings I managed to run the demo program, but after all that effort, the result was very disappointing. The defined character simply moved under cursor key control around the screen.

I fail to see the point of this demo program, and I found the character generator uninteresting. There are better programs at lower costs than these.


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