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Shadow Skimmer
By The Edge
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #24

Shadow Skimmer

Shadow Skimmer arrives with quite a reputation for its graphics on another computer. As ever, we're not going to judge a game by comparing it to other machines, but it has certainly retained much of the graphic quality.

You're flying a skimmer on the outside of a larger starship. The defences have been activated and cant be switched off. To survive you've got to make your way through three defensive zones and find the entrance back into the starship.

On each zone you have to locate and destroy an object that will cause a barrier to disappear, allowing you to pass on to the next zone. The object is the same in all three zones, so once you've found the first one you'll know what to look for in the next two.

Shadow Skimmer

Many of the locations have portals which produce various types of defensive craft. These fly aimlessly about, loosing off a constant hail of fire - which will will damage your shields. The shields also run out with the passage of time - so you have a time limit. You have three shields with which to complete the game.

The rest of the scenery doesn't do much except look pretty and get in your way. Your craft occasionally needs to flip upside-down to pass under an obstacle, a more vulnerable position because you can't shoot. You also have to take detours inside the ship i sing hatchways leading to internal corridors.

The graphics are very colourful but where the game falls down is on the action. The defences provide no sort of challenge - just shoot wildly. The three objects aren't difficult to find; you'll crack the game quickly. It looks impressive to start with but it's a game you'll solve quickly and never come back to.

Second Opinion

Shadow Skimmer

The graphics are very pretty and sound-effects up to scratch. Unfortunately there is little in the way of gameplay. Will hold your interest for a while, but tends to be slow-moving.

Green Screen View


First Day Target Score

Complete the game.


Shadow Skimmer

Graphics 83%
P. Detailed and colourful sprites and backgrounds.
P. Nice explosions.

Sonics 68%
P. Good title music.

Grab Factor 72%
P. Interesting to explore.
N. Defences provide little challenge.

Staying Power 52%
P. The object to shoot isn't always easy to find.
N. The game isn't large or complicated enough

Overall 58%
N. Don't be deceived by good looks.

Bob Wade

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