Home Computing Weekly

Pub Quest
By Dream
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

This must be just about the ultimate in witty adventures. The object is to find your money, which is in the sewers, so you may pay off your bill at the Chequered Flag Inn. To make things a little harder you should bear in mind that you are drunk and will have slight difficulties in such simple tasks such as crossing the road.

Special attention should be paid to the descriptions which may hold clues to possible traps in the game. Be prepared for the program to play some jokes on you. So as not to spoil the game I will not say anything else except that you get what you deserve.

There are no graphics to accompany the text. This is not much of a drawback because the descriptions are so accurate and precise that you soon build up an image of where you are.

Loading takes about 18 minutes. This may sound a long time but the wait is worth it. You could always give your off licence a visit while the program loads - just to get into the swing of things.


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