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Home Computing Weekly

The Nomad Of Time
By Mosaic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

The Nomad of Time is based on the stories of Michael Moorcock about Captain Oswald Bastable. The instructions for your mission are Eyes to the cold - whatever that means. You have 60 days to travel the world and save it.

The game is split into two main sections - you fly between continents in your airship and then land in a country and explore it in the usual adventure game style.

In theory the game sounds good and perhaps it would be if it was faster. As it is, the program is unresponsive to the keyboard. In the airship, part of the game you have to hold a controlling key down for a couple of seconds before anything happens. In the adventure game it is possible to type faster than the computer can read the keyboard. It may also take up to 15 seconds to analyse what you entered. I also found a bug in the games input routine.

I would not rate the game very highly because of its slow speed, making it unplayable.