Big K

Poster Painter
By Taskset
Commodore 64

Published in Big K #12

Poster Painter

A highly original game with superb graphics from a genuinely deranged mind. Star of the show is Bill Stickers, poster paster extraodinaire, motto, "if it stands still, paste it - if it moves, paste it anyway", against whom no hoarding is safe.

Simply put, the object of the exercise is to stick posters on every hoarding in town, a total of twelve. A straightforward operation - take one ladder, one paste brush and a bucket, paste the hoarding and hang the poster. Accuracy is important for should the PPB (Precision Pasting Bonus) drop, points fall in direct proportion. Similarly, should the PCG (Paste Consistency Gauge) wander the paste becomes too thick or thin and posters tend not to stick.

Resident nasties are Gnurds, Wazzocks and Drain Grains, who belt back for forth across the screen, frying Bills like they were going out of fashion and lumping up buckets of paste.

The sound is as good as the graphics, if slightly repetitive, and the programmer shows the meaner side of his character by recommending the sound be cranked up high. Try it if you want but take a word of advice from one who knows, total insanity and forty neighbours hammering on the front door are consequences needing a fair degree of consideration.

Kim Aldis

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