Big K

By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Big K #12


This is a fun program. It hails from arcade mothergames like Ladybug. Your piglet guzzler (I think he's actually meant to be a mouse) chomps his way around a maze - there are seven food cells to penetrate - and has to pick up a key to get into each one. Slurp all the grub and you're on to the next screen. The quirk comes with the added dietary factor (an idea swiped perhaps from DK'Tronics' Apple Jam): each time he eats he's too fat to get into all sectors, and has to slim down by contacting Deflator Dennis who patrols the edge of the screen. There's also a bonus creature to nab on each level.

Jolly, and no doubt jolly familiar to all you hardcore blasters. But I like this one. Although the graphics aren't shattering, they're precise and pin-bright, and the music is fab - a different Scott Joplin rag for every maze, and (brilliant!) 'Nobody Does It Better' for the hall of fame! Excellent response from keyboard or stick, and it's easy enough to get into without tedious hours of practice.

Kim Aldis

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