Big K

By Firebird
Commodore 64

Published in Big K #12


Another cheapo offering from the scraggy yellow parrot and the rest of the boys at British Telecom, the game involves belting around inside a large, empty brain like a deranged Aspirin. Your aim is to prevent the owner from developing a headache, and transporting nerve impulses from A to B, B to C, Z to X, or anywhere else they happen to be needed.

And so, enter stage right Nervous Ned, hero of the plot, who steams around the inside of this poor geezer's head, raising hell with the beasties - Throbs - and sorting out Head Bander as he potters around doling out headaches like they're going out of fashion.

The head is vaguely head-shaped but there any resemblance shudders to a sharp and violent stop. The interior decor leaves little room for grey matter of any volume, consisting mainly of ladders and platforms - "Aw, *not more* ladders and platforms!" you cry. Yes, ladders and platforms again.

And the gameplay is standard ladders and platforms. For the price it's difficult to slate it completely but all the same it doesn't have the kind of appeal that makes you want to shell out the cash.

Kim Aldis

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