Personal Compuer Games

Mutant Monty

Author: Chris Anderson
Publisher: Artic Computing
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #15

Mutant Monty

You can tell from the title that this one has no pretensions to originality. Programmer John Price apparently decided to write a game with as many creatures nicked from other games as possible. So stand by to see cribs from Manic Miner, Hunchback, Jet Pac, etc.

Trouble is, the game's actually quite fun. Guide Monty through a series of screens, collecting gold and avoiding nasties. But these nasties have the merit of following fixed paths, so solving each screen depends less on reaction time; more on sussing the right moment to make your moves.

There are 40 different screens which represents good value for money, although this is one of those games which gets frustrating when you want to practice screen 33 and must first play through 1 to 32!

Still, I for one get hopelessly addicted to this kind of game and found myself going back for more.

Chris Anderson

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