Personal Compuer Games

Gogo The Ghost

Author: Chris Anderson
Publisher: Firebird
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #15

Go Go The Ghost

This one will spook the opposition for sure — it's a howling success, one which most software houses would he proud to sell at around the £7 mark. It was written by a Swede, which means that, whenever Go Go gives up the ghost he emits a speech bubble saying 'Fjup!' (Swedish for 'Zap!').

In fact, there's an awful lot of fjupping because the game is ghoulishly mean. In each of the 150 screens, you have to go go round various obstacles to one of the exits, possibly flicking switches or picking up keys on the way. A large number of dastardly creatures obstruct you, forcing you to resort to an invisibility spell. This drains your power at a disspiriting rate, although there are objets to collect which restore power as well as grant extra time, lives or points.

This is a full-featured arcade-adventure which could have you entranced for weeks. Just remember - you read about it first in PCG!

Verdict: Go go get it.

Chris Anderson

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