Personal Compuer Games

Skyline Attack

Author: Chris Anderson
Publisher: Century
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #15

Skyline Attack

This program comes on a superb fast loader. It actually allows you to play the old arcade game Snake while you're waiting for the load to complete.

Skyline Attack is a fairly rudimentary shoot-'em-up, in which you fly an aircraft along a horizontally scrolling landscape. You can fly in both directions, and the landscape wraps round. giving it a similar feel to Virgin's Falcon Patrol.

What makes this different is that the landscape is made up of a series of well-known city skylines. London includes an extremely recognisable London Bridge and St. Paul's, while Paris has the Eiffel tower, and so on.

To see the rest, you have to shoot aliens followed by the fuel pods they give off. These then form crystals which you have to try to collect. Each time you do, you move up an attack wave, and your landscape expands.

There are some nice touches like the giant frogs attacking Paris. Revenge for all those amputated frogs legs. I suppose. A pleasant enough game, and certainly pretty to look at. But I'm afraid to say, I preferred the free game of Snake.

Chris Anderson

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