Monty On The Run
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #70

Monty On The Run

Poor old Monty is still running, years after the game was first released back in 1986. If I remember rightly, when Monty On The Run first came out we ran a poster offer with Gremlin, and the screen telling readers all about it is still at the beginning of the Kixx tape. Please don't write in asking for your poster and badge though, because they ran out three years ago!

Monty On The Run's still an immensely playable game. The platforms and ladders idea is one that will never die, and this is one of the best games to use it. Monty Mole, star of many an adventure (see CRASH Megatape, Issue 65), has been locked up in prison which doesn't please him much. Not being one for small spaces he decides to escape, but things are not so easy. There's a 21 piece freedom kit to help him along his way, but he's only allowed five objects from it. If the wrong five are selected he'll get so far in his escape and run into trouble! Poor Monty! Your quick thinking and arcade skills are tested to the full and the cartoon style aerobics are appealing. The game's packed with wide variety of colourful, animated nasties that move around each screen in a set pattern. It's best to spend some time studying the screen layout to try and find the best way through before you jump in feet first. The slightest touch of any nasty character and Monty is no more! If that wasn't hard enough there are such traps as broken lifts, crushing pistons and deadly water.

If you've never played Monty On The Run before you've got a real treat in store and hours of endless fun. Slightly aged, but still busting with playability.

Nick Roberts

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