Sinclair User

Mercenary: Escape From Targ
By Novagen Software Ltd
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #112

Mercenary: Escape From Targ

Welcome to the fly, drive, walkabout tour of Darg folks!. If you've never been stranded on an alien planet at war before now, then check this game out before you go on your hols to some of the popular pleasure planets of Sirus 6.

This is an enormous game, with full 3D vector graphics moving against a rather flat background with a wide variety of vehicles to travel in, structures to shoot at, objects to collect, and war machines to do combat with. There is also a super computer called "Benson" fitted in your head gear to help you along.

The planet Darg is largely desert wasteland due to a long war between the Mechanoids and the Palyars, which I suppose is a convenient excuse for the lack of any real landscape.

Mercenary: Escape From Targ

You can start the mission in a combat aircraft, which is purchased when your original spaceship has been mangled and this can be crashed as often as you like but try not to get shot down or you will, like me, end up wandering around the desert like Mad Max, but without a camel. The final goal is to escape from Darg, having created as much havoc as possible but it is not easy.

Label: Novagen Software Memory: 48K Price: £3.99 Reviewer: Alan Dykes

Overall Summary

A classic full price C64 game, now finally adapted for the Spectrum and not soon enough if you ask me!

Alan Dykes

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