Home Computing Weekly

Melbourne Draw
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #33

A carefully-written 22-page manual explaining how to use this program to create high resolution colour pictures on the Spectrum.

And to show you what can be achieved using the program, the title pages of three popular Melbourne House games also apepar on the tape as examples.

The program not only allows you to draw impressive title pages, but can be used to create UDGs, background scenes for games, and specialist drawings such as circuit diagrams.

Melbourne Draw

These are created through the various facilities offered by the program.

Drawings are achieved by moving a pixel cursor in one of eight directions; attributes are set separately.

To help, areas of the screen may be magnified up to 16 times.

Melbourne Draw

Other aids include grids placed on the screen, bit scroll in four directions, and normal size text and UDGs placed on the screen.

When complete, your drawing can be saved on tape and verified under program control.

On the negative side, there are no facilities to draw curves, and no easy method to create enlarged text, or to turn letters on their sides.


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