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Your Sinclair

By Alternative
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #50


Dinamic shoot-'em-up (in millions of different loads as ever) which has finally appeared in this country on the Alternative label. But don't be deceived by Dinamic's reputation - this isn't up to its usual high standard. All right, so it's hard - but it's also boring. A shoot-em-up of sorts, it's slow, turgid and about as addictive as a bunion. It does though have some splendidly badly written inlay notes. "You enter the caves of Otnirebal, and when you come out an imperial gigaship traps you. Surprise! Your old pals from Drowhar are waiting for you. Be tough and pray whatever you know; the battle will be final" (As translated from the Norwegian by Bengt Bengtsson.)

Overall 34%

Marcus Berkmann

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