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Big Trouble in Little China
By Alternative
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #56

Big Trouble In Little China

Another film tie-in that dates from the same period in Electric Dreams' history that produced Howard The Duck, which means, yup, another Clinker. Not that there's anything sadder than a much-trumpeted film tie-in for a film no one remembers (it was an adventure flick directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell), but at least that means we can happily forget the game as well. Not surprisingly it's another martial arts variant, and so everything boils down to people punching you, or occasionally, for variety, you punching them back. You control three characters, each of whom likes to fight with a different weapon, and much of the interest in the game lies in finding these weapons. But, the balance of the game is all wrong. The martial arts johnnies are easy enough to kill, but the geezers with guns are impossible to get past unless you've got a gun too (makes sense if you think about it). No, we've seen it all too often before, and done thousands of times better.

Marcus Berkmann

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