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Mad Martha 2
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

This game is a mixture. It is a text adventure game with pictures, plus three action games, along the way.

The first of these three games is a bullfight. You are in a bullring and have to jump over the bull as it charges.

The second game is in a restaurant - you have to make your way through the customers as they float up the screen.

Mad Martha 2

The last is a kind of maze game. In this you have to steer a disembodied head through a maze against the clock.

Although the action is fairly smooth, the graphics are nothing to write home about. Before you get to play the games though, you have to make your way through the adventure game.

At the beginning you are asked for your name (on default, your name becomes Henry). Next you are asked to input your skill level, from 1 to 3, which determines the time you have to complete the game. The display consists of either a rough sketch of your location, for example a crossroads, or maybe the bullring or restaurant.

I found the game rather slow, especially the response to your typed in command. As my old grandad used to say, it was "neither one thing nor t'other".


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