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Jungle Queen (Gabriele Amore)

By Gabriele Amore

Spectrum 48K/128K


Review By Dave E

Published in EGG #003: Spectrum

Jungle Queen

Jungle Queen

A jaunty, simplistic little game from Gabriele Amore, Jungle Queen for the Spectrum invites you to swing from vine to vine, and then go deep-sea-diving and avoid the crocodiles.

The first thing you notice about this game is its music, which is surprisingly good and plays on interrupt throughout the action. The second is just how random the game itself actually is. There are only two stages but both suffer from quite a few quirks (bugs). On one occasion, a 'ghost' vine appeared in the middle of the screen and simply melted away when the Jungle Queen tried to grab hold of it. Crocodiles on the second stage also suffered from a few glitches too. All bugs seem to be connected to the jerky scrolling.

I don't really think the game is really aimed at a sophisticated audience; likely, it's the result of just a few hours work. You don't really "do" a lot on the vine stage, just tap a key to release one vine and (hopefully) swing to the next. And the underwater stage is like a very easy shoot-'em-up. Still, it's reasonable enough for a quick bash. The music really makes it quite engaging. Plus, it's the type of game that children really like because it's so easy to control.

All that said, if I see this being paraded as a worthy physical release by Bum Fun or Matra in the future, I think I may well despair.