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Home Computing Weekly

By Scorpio Gamesworld
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

This is magic! On-screen instructions in great detail give you the griff on this arcade strategy game.

You are hired by the Boss, depicted in style, to kill nine agents. You have £400 and you still have to buy your means of escape, and choose your weapon. Each has its pros and cons, so choose carefully! Fully illustrated instructions show what to expect.

Once you've chosen, a new screen is drawn with 3D blocks representing skyscrapers. Your opponent is there and, using the keyboard, you steer your man until the enemy hideout is revealed. You have a limited number of informants. Once found, another hi-res screen unfolds, and you take aim as your target weaves and ducks. Hit him and you'll make your escape. Collect cash, and away for the next one!

What characterises this is the attention to detail. Instructions, graphics and sound are well-executed and interesting. It is simple but effective, and fun to play. The best value for money I've ever seen, publishers of expensive stuff could learn from this. Highly recommended.


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