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Home Computing Weekly

By Slogger
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #121

I must confess to not having seen any other darts programs for the Spectrum, so I can't make a comparison. This offering features the standard Sinclair character set in a Basic program with machine code-driven graphics. The instruction/practice module load first. A monochrome dart board is drawn over almost the whole of the screen.

A small graphic person appears bottom left with a moving arm. By pushing the space bar, you stop the arm for vertical aim, then repeat the process for horizontal. That being done, a dart appears from the centre of the screen, describes a classy arc, then stops in the board. Your score appears, and your total is revised. Learning to get double top is fairly easy, but in order to finish, you have to be good all round the board, and that takes some practice.

When your aim is good enough, it's time to load the main program, which gives you the opportunity to play championship darts from 501 or 301, round the board, or killer darts. Up to four people can play.

Surprisingly, the computer doesn't play against you, so practice is all you get alone! Graphically, this isn't very sophisticated either; many £1.99 games are better presented. On the other hand, the price is relatively modest, and it's one of the few new releases which will run on a 16K Spectrum too. Overall, worthwhile if you and your friends insist on darts without a dart board. Otherwise, perhaps a shade over-priced.


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