Sinclair User

Hawk Storm
By Players
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #108

Hawk Storm

It's a pity when a decent looking game is spoiled by some careless programming; in the case of Hawk Storm, a nice-looking, colourful, challenging arcade adventure is relegated firmly to the remainder bin by some crappy sprite masking and collision detection.

The plot's the usual guff; intrepid warrior Hawk Storm searches the planet of the Neviks for the 32 stolen energy crystals which will regenerate the planet Edos. On the way he has to find guns and ammunition, zap Nevik warriors, blast his way through force shields, avoid disintegrating platforms, leap over pits of fire, and use teleports to jump to other parts of the planet.

Though the backgrounds are colourful, the animation is jerky and control poor; it's hard to get your hero to leap diagonally, and he quite often ends up suspended in mid-air half on and half off an object due to poor sprite masking.

Hawk Storm

Good fun in parts, but not an exciting enough game for it to be worth overlooking the sloppy programming.

Label: Players Price: £2.99 48K/128K Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

Overall Summary

Could have been a goodie, but so many corners have been cut that the finished product is lacking something (probably the corners).

Chris Jenkins

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