Sinclair User

The Last Word 128
By Myrmidon
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #70

The Last Word

Formerly published by the defunct Saga. The Last Word has now been extensively revised and transferred to disc for the Plus 3. The original cut-down 48K cassette versions is still available too.

The Last Word's great virtue is that it is very user-friendly. Unlike popular programs such as Tasword, you can jump straight into The Last Word without worrying too much about the complexities.

The screen display offers four resolutions - 40, 48, 60 and 80 characters per line - so you get a clear display whatever the quality of your TV or monitor. If you type in 40-column mode, you can reformat in 80-column to check the structure of the document before you print out.

The Last Word features all the facilities you could possibly want of a word processor - 148 character line length, 18 redefinable keys for UDGs, and over sixty easily located key commands for Margins, Word Count, Search and Replace, Word Wrap, Block Delete, Copy and Move, Tabs, Case Changes, Justification and so on.

The Last Word has a very uncluttered screen display with a three-line status display and twenty lines of text. Printer support is very flexible - Kempston 'E' Interface, Epson printers, Interface 1, RS-232, TasPrint, DK'Tronics and so forth.

Overall The Last Word has a good claim to be as powerful as Tasword +3 or The Writer, and is arguably easier to use than either of them. At this reasonable price, it's very fortunate that Trojan has saved it from obscurity.

Overall Summary

A very powerful and flexible wordprocessor for the 128K machines. An improvement on the original.

Chris Jenkins

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