A&B Computing


Author: Dave Reeder
Publisher: Tynesoft
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in A&B Computing 4.02

Another sports simulation from the prolific Tynesoft and their ace programmer Dave Croft - as you might guess from the title, this is football time! As I generally find football indescribably dull, this must be a good package to have captured my interest sufficiently for several games.

Like Ocean's Match Day which, despite understandable protests, this resembles, the game is played against the computer with chunky player graphics and a ball control that can only be described as infuriating.

You control the closest player to the ball which, of course, is not always the one you want to use! The computer has no room for softness though and you'll soon get used to the sight of the ball in the back of the net - your net!


Following comments to Dave Croft who, apparently, is the only person who could dribble and tackle effectively (and plays a mean game of computer football as well), the game has been intelligently updated to allow two levels of play - a team's skills are suppressed and a Division 1 where anything goes.

How much you'll enjoy this depends largely, I think, on your feelings for football. Even if you're not a fan, do try and have a play with this game - it is compulsive and intriguing in its own right.

Phew! A whole review about a football game without a mention of 'ere we go! Oops!

Dave Reeder

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