A&B Computing

Felix In The Factory
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.06

Felix In The Factory is game is the latest release from Micro Power. It is completely different to any game I have seen and is highly original. The object of the game is to keep a generator filled with oil. If the oil-level drops too low, the lights in the factory flicker and the generator will stop. Felix is the hero who must obtain the oil. To do this he must first negotiate a conveyor belt and the packages on it. Then he climbs a ladder and tries to avoid three gremlins sent to kill him. This he does either by running or by using a pitchfork with which to spear the gremlins who fall down and die. A further hazard is a rat which appears from time to time. A bag of rat poison (which can be left on any level) has been thoughtfully provided so you can kill the rat.

The controls are Z; X; £ Cursor Down; and Cursor Up to jump on the conveyor belt, and to get high up objects. Once you have reached the oil you must get Felix back to the generator with the oil can, whereupon the level starts aqgin but with more gremlins.

Graphically the game is very good. All the children look real and all movement is as smooth as it could be. The multi-coloured graphics facility has been well used to provide a colourful game. The rat is especially realistic.

The sounds are excellent. The generator hums away happily to itelf, a "boing" is produced hen Felix jumps, and the squeaking rat has to be heard!

The instructions given are also very good. They are on the cassette insert card and are very clear. They include full loading instructions, and advice if you have loading problems. They only cause for complaint is that the game is so hard!

Dave Reeder

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