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Stryker's Run
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 3.12

Stryker's Run

The second result of the new marketing tie-in between Superior and Acornsoft and it's another winner all the way! Released to rapturous crowds at the PCW Show, this all-action game also marks the first game that takes full advantage of the Master's memory.

An option screen after the title screen allows you the choice of the normal game (Model B or Electron, of course) or the enhanced game (for Master or Master Compact). The enhanced version has improved game features and an extra 40K of graphics to exploit that memory advantage.

Gameplay is simple: playing the role of Commander John Stryker in a future war between the Allied Forces and the Volgans, you must deliver secret information to HQ.

Stryker's Run

Of course it is not that easy: on the way, there are enemies to kill on ground and air, bullets, bombs and mines to avoid and game skills to learn.

The screen scrolls right/left with relatively smooth and impressive graphics - not entirely unexpected from programmer Chris Roberts, creator of Match Day and Wizadore. There is a lot of detail of the future battlefield and cities and the character movement is effective.

As the game unscrolls, your character must jump over mines, dodge enemy bullets and kill enemy soldiers: sometimes by shooting them, sometimes by allowing allied soldiers to do your dirty work. Also available at certain stages are helicopters that can be boarded, flown and used to shoot down the enemy helicopters that have a nasty habit of dropping bombs!

Stryker's Run

The Master versions include a lot more background detail, atmospheric music and extra battle features. However, the Model B version should not be seen as a poor relative! The game is deceptively simple to play but will have you hunched over the keyboard late into the night, trying just once more to penetrate the enemies' defences.

In a world of Commando clones, it is refreshing to see a new approach: not just the futuristic theme but also the creative mixture of different enemies and different skills required at different stages! Not just a matter of rushing up the screen, blasting away with the machine gun here!

I think this game will impress you. Whilst perhaps not agreeing totally with Superior M.D. Richard Hanson's belief that this marks the highpoint in BBC graphics, I have to admit that the graphics are stunning: reassuringly chunky, but at the same time detailed and fairly smoothly animated. Your soldier runs, fires, jumps and ducks cleanly and there appear to be no attribute problems.

It's hard to make predictions about sales, especially in a software season that includes Galaforce, Cholo, Sentinel, Green Beret, Crystal Castles and Trivial Pursuit, but this should sell very well. Whether it will remain at the top of the charts I couldn't say: however, it deserves to. This should be in every collection.

Dave Reeder

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