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Anarchy Zone
By Atlantis

Published in A&B Computing 5.08

The most surprising gems are emerging on budget labels these days. Take, as an example, this shoot-'em-up by Rob Dulstone - a very competent, very enjoyable space romp that is worth more than its pocket-money price.

The aim (as always) is to shoot the hell out of everything but what distinguishes this game from a thousand others is a small twist - instead of shooting from just the bottom of the screen, you can circle all around the outside of the screen, thus shooting aliens in their annoying patterns from the most advantageous spot.

In that, it's unusual. Nothing much else is too original - the graphics are pretty nice, the alien patterns are diverting, the level of gameplay just enough to get you to return. In short, it's a very nice game that, somehow, just misses the final buzz of excitement that would make it a classic.

However, for the price, you'd be very dumb not to pick up a copy and enjoy it for a few evenings.

Dave Reeder

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