Your Sinclair

Freddy Hardest
By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #25

Freddy Hardest

They say "Don't drink and drive", and perhaps they should extend that to flying as well, 'cos after having one too many at one of those awful allnight intergalactic parties, Freddy Hardest has gone an' crashed his spaceship on an enemy planet. As all the phones seem to be phonecard-only, he can't get a mechanic, so instead he decides to do what you or I would have done - break into the enemy base and nick one of their ships. (Speak for yourself. Ed)

First of all Freddy, who's one of those hunky astral playboys we all dream of being, has to find the base. This means wandering along a scrolling landscape wasting aliens left, right and centre with a variety of martial art moves and the usual laser pistol.

Then it's time to load in part two, type in the code number you were given at the end of the first part (whaddya mean you can't remember it?) and start looking for some transport. Having found the correct ship, loaded it up with fuel, got the codeword and worked out the take-off procedure he can finally jump in and hit the heavens.

Freddy Hardest

While previous Dinamic stuff tended to be hot on graphics but a little cooler where addictiveness was concerned, this is certainly not the case with Freddy. Okay, so part one is a bit monotonous, but it's easily beaten and things are much more fun in the second bit. Although it bears a frightening resemblence to the notorious V it's actually very good, with just the right mix of beat em up and exploration.

Graphics are without doubt the game's strong point, with well animated sprites and nicely drawn backgrounds in part two. For some reason though, Freddy doesn't appear to have a nose! It's probably just as well, considering the amount of after shave these guys tend to wear.

Definitely worth a look for all would-be bodybuilders.

An interesting blend of hack 'em up and arcade adventure, good value too.

Jonathan Davies

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