Home Computing Weekly

By Imagine
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #23

One of the favoured activities in many computers games is to kill as many aliens as possible. This game is no exception.

You pilot a spaceship descending through a planet. Sundry aliens appear and shoot at you. You, f you can, reciprocate. As the aliens shoot, some nice graphics give a 3D impression of a laser coming at you.

To help you locate the nasties, you have two radar sceens. I found these screens difficult to interpret and not really much help.

Overall, the graphics are above average but the aliens appeared as messy, multi-coloured blobs.

For some reason Imagine have this aversion to sensible and clear instructions. The first 50% (the bit describing the mission) was simply gratuitous rubbish which, if anything, made the game appear to be better than it was. Come on Imagine, give some decent instructions!

The key options for controlling the ship, however, were excellent.


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