Footballer Of The Year II
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #72

Footballer Of The Year 2

Footballer Of The Year II Is finally here. The aim is quite simple, to become the country's top striker. Not an easy task: you need dedication, patience and a copy of this game. Enter your name and choose a skill level (1-9), pick a league team (or name one In editor mode) and a national team, just in case you are picked for an international side.

You are then offered seven icons - they are state of affairs (le how your team is doing), your career successes so far, whether to load or save a game, transfer cards, quit the game, double or nothing and play a match. Your team starts at the beginning of a brand new season and can play league matches, Gremlin Super Cup, UK Super Cup, European Super Cup and World Super Cup matches. You can also try for transfer to another side, or play Double or Nothing. You start the game with £10,000 and Double or Nothing is a good way to try and gain more. Choose how much to gamble, then answer correctly a question put to you. Do this and you're asked whether you wish to collect or gamble. You have three chances to gain money.

A bid for transfer costs £5,000 for a transfer card. A team comes up with an offer, and if you accept you are given the terms of acceptance: either score three goals in the next game, or answer three trivia questions correctly.

Footballer Of The Year 2

But this game is all about scoring goals, so if your team is playing, click on the boot Icon which takes to the match. Goal cards are used to increase your chances of scoring and you start the game with ten (extra cost £600). Prior to the game you will be asked which cards you want to use (each one represents a different tactical skill).

Give 'em hell, champ! This is the sort of game I like with plenty of chances to 'make a few bob. Footballer Of The Year II Is a strategy footy game rather than a 'punt the ball around' type, and I quite enjoyed answering the trivia questions and manoeuvering around trying to transfer to different teams: worthy of consideration if you liked the original.

MARK ... 76%

Nick ... 49%

'Oh great. just what I always wanted, yet another football game. Gremlin seem to be very fond of this type. So what has Footballer Of The Year II got that none of the others had? Not a lot really. It s more trivia, but the big excitement is that this time you have to answer questions for money. The more money you get the more famous you become. Some of the graphics are quite good and colourful, and musically there are some well written tunes and jingles. As in other games you will only like this if you are a big soccer fan and know all the questions that the game throws at you. Footballer Of The Year II has nothing ultra special to offer, except perhaps new questions for the football boffins. A bit fourth division quality if you ask me. Sorry.'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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