By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #72

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Based on the movie of the same name, Moonwalker is the story of young Michael Jackson seeing shooting stars and trying to stop the antics of villain Mr Big. Scene one sees Michael on a film set being chased by his fans: a maze type affair viewed from above, Gauntlet style. To escape you must find seven parts of a rabbit suit and four special objects, whilst avoiding the fans. If they catch you, you lose one of your precious platinum disks (these act as lives and you start with twenty). There's a radar at screen bottom, not very detailed and not much help, just dots to tell you who is where.

Level two is set in Michaelsville. There's no escaping your fans: Mr Big lens them where you are, and the chase resumes. The maze radar format is used again, but this time you are on a motorbike in search of glowing green orbs. Collect all of them and the bike turns into a sleek sports car (but only for 10 seconds), which must jump a road block. The town splits into four sections and you must search for the orbs four times (the fourth sees your bike traded in for a let ski).

The third level sees Michael in Club 30 and up to his neck in trouble. Mr Big's goons are outside and you guide Michael from left to right across the club, dodging the gunmen who appear at the windows. Along the way a tommy gun and ammo can be collected to blow out windows and kill villains (I thought Mr Jackson was against violence).

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

The final showdown takes place in Mr Big's lair, an arena. Kelly (one of Michaels friends) has been kidnapped and is being used as bait. But Mr Big gets more than he bargained for when Michael turns into a huge robot and lays into all and sundry with his laser cannon. Apart from the hitmen, a huge plasma cannon must be destroyed before Mr Big's empire crashes around his ears. Mission accomplished, 'Whacko' turns into a spaceship and blasts on into the sunset.

Graphically and sonically the game is good, with some impressive renditions of songs from the 'Bad ' album. The main letdown are the first two levels: I tried matchsticks, I tried strong coffee but nothing could keep me awake.

Overhead maze games are old hat now. But the Club 30 and the Arena are great fun and the sagging game picks up, albeit loo late to save the day.

Nick ... 72%

You know I'm bad, I'm bad. Well in fact, at this game I'm quite good! Moonwalker is the latest 'biggy' from U.S. Gold, they've even had it on the telly! The game is fun to play too, which is quite a novelty for big licences. The idea is a little bit Pacmanish: you as Wacko run around the film set (I think that's what it's supposed to be) dodging fat people on motor bikes and collecting parts of a rabbit suit. Once they have all been collected you jump onto your own bike and speed off to level two which is the same! Luckily levels three and four are totally different. Fans of Wacko Jacko will be happy to hear that there are three of his hit songs playing in the game namely BAD, Speed Demon and Smooth Criminal. Fans of the Spectrum will know that they won't sound anything like the originals! Moonwalker is a fun game even if it does resemble Pacman a lot. It's the terrible multi-load that spoils it. If you think your tape recorder can stand the strain take a look at Moonwalker.

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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