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Amstrad Action

Footballer Of The Year
By Gremlin
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #17

Footballer Of The Year

Now that the really lousy weather has set in for a few months, all our thoughts turn to football played in the mud, rain, hail, snow and fog. Fortunately the software houses are still trying to come up with games on the subject that can be played in your cosy, warm home. This one involves both strategy and arcade action as you strive to become the footballer of the year.

The game is run from an icon screen where you can examine the team's status, examine the player's status, get transferred, get incident cards, play matches and load, save or quit the game. You start the game with £5,000 and ten 'goal cards', and a long battle ahead.

The matches are played automatically, your contribution made only if you play a goal card. This will take you to a screen where you have to beat up to two defenders and the goal-keeper to score goals. The screen is simple but can be entertaining. Matches are also decided by the performance of the rest of the team, though, so even a hat trick hero can be on the losing side.

The game goes through full league seasons with FA, League and European Cups, as well as a Super League and Internationals. Money is important and can often be gained through incident cards or transfers. These are important and mean you shouldn't get too attached to one club. It's not a particularly tough game but enjoyable to play and come back to.

Second Opinion

If you're into football simulations then I'm sure you'll enjoy this. I am not a football fanatic and find little, bar the icons and occasional noises, to recommend it.

Green Screen View

Pweep... thwack... goal. I suppose you can see that all right.

First Day Target Score

Footballer of the Year.

Good News

P. Well-presented icons and screens.
P. Nice mix of strategy and arcade.
P. Easy to get into and play.

Bad News

N. Doesn't have much depth to it.

Bob Wade